Cornell Fagculty Positions, genomics empowered biology of plant pathogenic fungi

Cornell is recruiting a “Genomics-empowered biology of plant pathogenic fungi”  faculty position! Multi-omic approaches especially encouraged. Any specific questions should be directed to either Prof. Maria Harrison, Search Chair ( or Prof. Gillian Turgeon, PPPMB Section Chair ( The first applicant review begins November 20th.

The faculty member in this position is expected to undertake basic research on the biology of filamentous, plant pathogenic fungi, and serve as a nucleus of expertise in fungal genome information and analytics. This expertise will provide conceptual foundations for extension programs that deal with fungal and oomycete diseases across SIPS, and for our programs that increasingly use genomic tools in applied settings. We seek an outstanding, forward-looking, fungal geneticist/fungal biologist with an appreciation of fungal evolution and development, who understands the power that genomics tools bring to the field of plant-fungus interactions. We expect this person will provide core expertise in teaching and research within Cornell’s School of Integrative Plant Sciences, continuing Cornell’s strong leadership in the biology of fungi. The recently established Cornell Institute of Host-Microbe Interactions & Disease (CIHMID) together with Provost’s radical collaboration initiatives in Genome Biology and Infection Biology underline the importance of this position at the Cornell-level, and its cross-disciplinary potential for impact.