The International Plant Protection Convention Secretariat (IPPC) Report Writer and Editor

Tasks and responsibilities

• Pre-draft the reports of IPPC-related meetings based on the meetings’ documents. 
• Manage précis- and report-writing processes, including planning, drafting, editing and revising, for IPPC Governing and Subsidiary Body meetings.
• Coordinate review processes and ensure that meeting reports are reviewed by relevant IPPC officers and cleared by the assigned senior officer/team leader. 
• Draft and edit IPPC publications, particularly those prepared in the framework of the International Year of Plant Health.
• Provide editorial (English) assistance to the IPPC Secretariat, as well as to the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures, the Standards Committee, the Implementation and Capacity Development Committee, the IPPC Regional Workshops, and other relevant meetings.
• Compile and copy-edit the IPPC Procedural Manuals and provide an annual update, integrating new or revised procedures and decisions. 
• Maintain, and update as needed, the IPPC style guide.
• Review, proofread, rewrite and edit articles, documents or minutes to improve readability.
• Apply FAO and IPPC publication style guidelines, editorial policy and publishing requirements to reports and other published materials.
• Ensure adherence to FAO/IPPC templates and layouts.