PhD student to focus on research related to plant / soil microbiome interactions, Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment

This project seeks to identify (a) the links between plant and soil microbiomes and consequences for productivity, (b) the impact of microbial or microbiome amendments on plant physiology, crop productivity and soil health, and (c) the response of soil microbiomes to stress. The successful candidate will utilise a range of analytical procedures including state-of-the-art next generation sequencing (NGS), plant health and soil / plant microbiome measures to characterise how these variables impact microbiomes and their activities. They will be trained in the broad areas of microbiome-technology and should be able to analyse data from NGS (amplicon and shotgun) sequencing results. Statistical skills for analysing microbiome data are required, and relevant training will be provided to candidates with excellence in other areas of the project.