Post-Doctoral Research Scientist - Molecular Plant Pathology / Plant Biochemist

The research will be specifically aimed at improving our understanding of how Fusarium secreted effector proteins (FgSSPs) interact with specific host proteins both spatially and temporally to permit the fungal hyphae to either successfully evade plant perception or suppress plant defences during the early phases of the infection, whilst other FgSSPs specifically activate plant cell death. The research tools to be used will include miniTurbo proximity labelling to identify candidate host interactors in wheat, N. benthamiana and Arabidopsis; Virus-mediated protein overexpression (BSMV-VOX) in wheat and N. benthamiana  alongside BSMV-VIGS in wheat to assess effector and host protein function; RNASeq, qRT-PCR and the  generation of various types of stable Fg reporter strains to enable confocal microscopy analyses of in planta effector and host target localisation and expression patterns.