Postdoc position in Bioinformatics, WUR

The research group of Prof. Dr. Thijs J. G. Ettema is looking for a highly motivated and curiosity-driven bioinformatician at the postdoctoral researcher level. The candidate is expected to have experience in comparative genomics and phylogenomics analyses of large-scale biological (microbial) sequence datasets. The aim of the project is to carry out computational analyses of microbial genome data to gain insight into evolutionary and physiological aspects of prokaryotic micro-organisms. The project builds on the recently discovered Asgard archaea, a deeply-branching archaeal superphylum that currently represents the closest prokaryotic relative of eukaryotes in the Tree of Life (e.g. see Spang et al, Nature 521, 173-178 (2015) and Zaremba–Niedzwiedzka et al. Nature 541, 353-357 (2017)).