Scientist Microbial Systems for Plant Protection Lincoln, Christchurch, New Zealand

Our Plant Pathology Group has an exceptional opportunityfor a senior Scientist to join our Microbial Systems for Plant  Protectionteaminproviding  practical  solutions  to  plant  disease  problems  for  the  arable,  field  crops  and horticultural  industries. You’ll develop, leadand  manage applied  and  underpinning  research projectson  plantpathogensandwill supportthe Team Leader with teamdevelopment and leadership.You’ll also helpthe team capitalise  onnew  opportunitiesandfunding for  research  projects  that  will  support  the  horticultural  and  arable industriesin achieving theirtargets and strategies. You will have a PhD in plant pathologyor plant microbiology, with achievementand publicationsin plant mycology and/or bacteriologyand its applicationsin applied plant pathology research. You’ll be skilledin the use of molecular toolswith a working knowledge of bioinformatics, the collection, analysis and reporting of scientific data from applied plant pathology research,and have experiencein developing, leading and attracting fundingfor research.Flexibility to work on different pathogen/crop host combinations, afull New Zealand driver’s licence and awillingness to travel to field research sites will be essential.For more information, registration details and to apply for this position please visit and search under ‘Apply for a Job’.