Letter of support for EuPathDB and FungiDB databases

Dear colleagues -- The following letter was provided by Joe Heitman, Jason Stajich, and the Fungal Genetics Policy Committee, in support of our application for renewal of the EuPathDB.org contract from NIAID, which provides the core infrastructure underlying FungiDB.org.  To endorse this fungal community letter, please add your name below, ideally before 31 Dec 2018.  We are asking for signatures from Principal Investigators only, as they are the formal recipients of grants.  If you are not a PI, but would nevertheless like to register your support, feel free to bring this note to the attention of your lab head.  You are also welcome to forward this solicitation to other appropriate investigators.  Thank you for considering this request -- Jessica Kissinger (Univ Georgia), Mary Ann McDowell (Univ Notre Dame), David Roos (Univ Pennsylvania), joint PIs ... on behalf of the entire EuPathDB and VectorBase staff.


Endorse letter