Post doctoral position in molecular biology and applied bioinformatics potato early blight

This project addresses the increasing challenge of early blight in cultivation of potato in Sweden by novel methods to analyze resistance in plant material. Early blight is caused by Alternaria solani and is generally considered to be a quantitative disease with varying degree of disease resistance in potato cultivars and lines. Already existing crossing populations as well as potato cultivars will be used in this project. Methods used will be transcriptomics by RNA-seq and molecular analysis of host plant gene expression networks as well as correlation to already existing QTLs. Part of the work will be carried out in another GroGrund project, where similar types of analyses will be used to characterize resistance to virus yellows disease in sugar beet. Connections will also be done to research on disease phenotyping and on proximal sensing of infection processes. One important goal is to target genes that correlate with resistance/susceptibility by gene editing using CRISPR/Cas9.