Agronomy Special Issue "Disease Control Strategies in Fruit Crops"

Vie, 30/08/2019

Experts and researchers in the field can contribute with original research articles, reviews, and opinion pieces addressing disease control in fruit crops. Papers on all types of biotic diseases will be considered in this Special Issue. Disease control is understood in its broad sense, including exclusion, eradication, protection, and resistance. Fruit crops are considered in the widest sense as cultivated trees, woody vines, shrubs, or subshrubs that yield fleshy or hard edible fruits or seeds. Works on minor and tropical-subtropical fruit crops are also welcome. Specific topics of interest include, among others, chemical, biological, and cultural disease control; soil disinfestation; pesticide application methods; pesticide resistance; reduced doses; fungicide models; decision support systems; legal bases of disease control; cultivar selection; and breeding for resistance

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