Tablón de anuncios

2-year postdoctoral researcher position is open in Fungal Genetics and Biology research group, Department of Microbiology, University of Helsinki
36-month Postdoctoral position: Risk-based surveillance strategies
Two Virologist Positions with AAFC
Research Plant Pathologist
Postdoc Position - Evolutionary Repeatability in Microbes, Spain
PhD position on the evolutionary maintenance of selfish accessory chromosomes
Area Citrus IPM Advisor (Applied Research and Extension)
Vacancy for Scientific Picture Researcher, CABI
Phylogenomics-based development of diagnostic tools for Fusarium pathogens
Postdoc in Microbial Biogeography and Ecology
Postdoc position in quantitative imaging of pathogen infection of plants
Vegetable Crops and Small Farms Advisor
Assistant Professor, Microbiology, Idaho State University
Postdoctoral Researcher, John Innes Centre
Research Associate in Plant-Fungal Symbioses
Two PhD positions in Plant-Microbe Interactions and in NMR-based Structural Biology: MYCOAT: creating sustainable seed coatings (both 1.0 FTE)
CIHEAM Zaragoza is looking for an EU Project Manager to manage a portfolio of project related tasks in the agro-food area.
University of Nottingham PhD: Multi-mode microscopy to probe bacteria-surface interactions
PhD position on comparative (meta)genomics of fungal banana pathogens
Postdoctoral position in Plant-Microbe Cell Biology at ETH Zurich (Switzerland)
Disease Monitoring Scientist, Bayer AG
4 Year Doctoral Position on Host-Microbiota-Pathogen Interactions : Germany
Coordinator for the EU Minor Uses Coordination Facility, EPPO
Computational Research Assistant (Pathogenomics)
Postdoc: Emerging Plant Disease and Global Food Security – NC State
Phd Position in Environmental Microbiology - Soil and Plant Microbiome Interactions with Climate Change: Estonia
Structural and functional significance of Mucoromycotina ‘fine root endophyte’ fungal associates of vascular land plants
2-Year Post Doc Position on resistance gene diversification to manage plant pathogens (incl. economics)
6 Doctoral and 2 Postdoctoral Researcher Positions in Natural and Life Sciences: Germany
Technical Manager Plant Health and Seed Trade
CDTI Secretario/a General del Centro, con rango de Director Ejecutivo
PhD position in functional analysis of spinach downy mildew effectors
PhD Assessing the risk to plant health in the UK from future Agrilus invasions
Job: Plant Pathologist USDA/ARS – Frederick, Maryland
Tres plazas de Ayudante Doctor en el área Producción vegetal, Universidad Pública de Navarra
Oferta contrato Postdoctoral, Universidad Pablo de Olavide
2 contratos de 12 meses- Rapid, ultraspecific, and portable SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics. En I2SysBio e IBMCP (Valencia)
Postdoctoral Associate, University of Florida
Research Plant Pathologist, ARS
Manager Plant Biosecurity (Research & Diagnostics)