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A research scientist permanent position (Ingénieur de Recherches)- IAM Department at INRAE Nancy.
Ingeniero forestal o de montes con experiencia en plagas y enfermedades. TRAGSATEC-CANTABRIA
Forest Pathologist, Plantation Forestry - Scion
Postdoctoral Researcher (Saunders Lab), John Innes Centre
PhD Research Fellow in Evolutionary Genomics, Univ. Oslo
Extension Assistant I, Plant Diagnostician, Univ. Tennessee
Postdoctoral Researcher (Malone Lab) John Innes Centre
PhD Reducing potato losses by creating a predictive model for black dot disease
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Indiana University
PhD, Understanding the dynamics of ascospore production in late autumn to develop better apple strategies for managing apple scab
Postdoc in Eco-Evolutionary Plant Pathology: a novel approach to optimize biocontrol of strawberry diseases, SLU
Faculty Position in Host-Pathogen Interactions in Global Infectious Diseases (Assistant Professor), Univ. Vermont
Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology, Washington State University
Tenure Track Assistant Professor Plant Virology (Van Rijn funds), WUR
Convocatoria Jóvenes Investigadores, INIA Perúa
Postdoc to work on the banana – BBTV pathosystem, Leuven
Institute Director and Chief Executive Harpenden
Postdoc in Eco-Evolutionary Plant Pathology: a novel approach to optimize biocontrol of strawberry diseases
Postdoctoral Researcher in Soil Microbiology, UK
Plant-Pathogen Interaction Scientist, Bayer
Postdoctoral position INRAE Montpellier Molecular function of effectors from plant pathogenic fungi
Research Associates/Fellows (ALA/ALB) - Plant Pathogen Interactions
Pest management of aphid BYDV vectors in winter cereals PhD Studentship
A Post-doctoral position is available in the 2Blades group at the Sainsbury Laboratory
The Institute for Agri-Food Research and Innovation (IAFRI) - 3 year PhD Studentships
MScR - Identifying disease threats to blueberry in the UK
Assistant Professor and Fungal Biologist / Plant Pathologist, University of Minnesota
Summer Undergraduate Fellows in Plant Health and Protection, SCSU
Post-doctoral position to identify resistance against Asian Soybean Rust, TSL
Molecular Biologist, USDA
Four postdoc positions available at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University, Denmark
PhD The role of vector behaviour and competence on the spread of Cacao Swollen Shoot Virus
Llamados abiertos para cargos de investigador con sede en INIA Uruguay
Postdoctoral fellowship population biology of plant pathogens, UFV
Senior Lecturer - Molecular Biosciences
Associate professor / professor in microbial environmental genomics: USA
PhD Student in the field of population genomics of pathogens on wild tomato species
Postdoc in the field of Population genomics of pathogens on wild tomato species
Assistant professor and integrated extension specialist in fruit pathology, UW
Postdoc position in Bioinformatics, WUR