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Three-year postdoctoral research position is availablein the Plant Gene Expression Center
Technicien Biologie moléculaire BAC+2, INRAE
MSCA-COFUND project AGenT (Agricultural Genomics Transversal) postdoctoral programme is advertising ten two-year postdoctoral positions
Research Associate (post-doc) Michigan State University
Managing Director R&D Spain, RijK Zwaan
PhD Infectious strategies of Xanthomonas
PhD Effector gene persistence in bacterial plant pathogens
PhD student position in Soil Microbiology and Ecology at Lund University, Sweden
PhDs and Postdocs funded positions in Plant Microbiology/Pathology at Universität Tübingen, Germany
3-year post doc position in molecular plant pathology, Aarhus University
Biosecurity Scientist - Pest Management, CSIRO
PhD What are rhizosphere microbial characteristics associated with healthy plants?
Optical Coherence Tomography – Developing Tools to interrogate the skin of fruits for understanding disease susceptibility
Assistant Professor of Soil Nutrient Management and Soil Health, University of Connecticut
Lady Emily Smyth Studentships, University of Bristol
Plant Pathologist Researcher Position at The International Agricultural Research Center (WorldVeg), Taiwan
Postdoctoral Researcher Position to work on grapevine pathology/epidemiology at INRAE Bordeaux, France
Offre de post doctorat en Ecologie, INRAE
Convocatoria y bases bolsas de empleo temporal puestos A1/A2/C1 IVIA
(Junior) Researcher Molecular Biology (Fruity) Enza Zaden
Postgraduate Research Scholarship in Myrtle Rust
Programa para el apoyo a personas investigadoras con talento - Plan GenT para el ejercicio 2021
Researcher in Fungal Diseases in Fruit Trees IRTA
El laboratorio de Plagas y Enfermedades Forestales de la UVa oferta 3 contratos postdoctorales para trabajar en temas de Patología Forestal:
Pruebas selectivas de acceso al cuerpo superior técnico de investigadores científicos IVIA
PhD Quantitative Plant Pathology
Postdoctoral Position in Network Evolution of Plant Biotic Interactions
Assistant Cooperative Extension Educator
Interdisciplinary Supervisory Research Plant Pathologist/Tree Physiologist/Tree Geneticist
Research Scientist / Ph.D. student JKI
Tanentzap Group: Exploring the role of fungi in mediating crop-weed interactions
Postdoctoral Scholar in Plant Biology University of California, Riverside
Postdoctoral Research Scholar, NCSU
Postdoc Associate, Nebraska
Early Stage Research position on socio-economic impacts of emerging agricultural risks
PhD Position in Plant Pathology and Genetics, INRA, Montpellier University, France
PhD How does a pathogen hijack the host’s cell-to-cell communication system?
PhD Genome evolution of a pandemic lineage of the wheat blast pathogen
Postgraduate Opportunities JIC
IRTA is recruiting a #PhD student for the project "Sustainable practices for pest control in fruit orchards (#SUSFRUIT)"