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Assistant Professor and Fungal Biologist / Plant Pathologist, University of Minnesota
Summer Undergraduate Fellows in Plant Health and Protection, SCSU
Post-doctoral position to identify resistance against Asian Soybean Rust, TSL
Molecular Biologist, USDA
Four postdoc positions available at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University, Denmark
PhD The role of vector behaviour and competence on the spread of Cacao Swollen Shoot Virus
Llamados abiertos para cargos de investigador con sede en INIA Uruguay
Postdoctoral fellowship population biology of plant pathogens, UFV
Senior Lecturer - Molecular Biosciences
Associate professor / professor in microbial environmental genomics: USA
PhD Student in the field of population genomics of pathogens on wild tomato species
Postdoc in the field of Population genomics of pathogens on wild tomato species
Assistant professor and integrated extension specialist in fruit pathology, UW
Postdoc position in Bioinformatics, WUR
Two Postdoctoral Positions on ERC Funded Project: “Knowledge Based Design of Complex Synthetic Microbial Communities”
North America Applied Pathology Testing & Disease Claim Verification Lead
30-month post-doctoral position available INRA
Studentship within The Institute for Agri-Food Research and Innovation (IAFRI)
Full Professor and Chair Phytopathology Group, WUR
Fully funded PhD opportunity on Understanding root microbiome associated with healthy and diseased plants, SoCoBio
Expresiones de interés para optar a contratos de personal Investigador Postdoctoral, Misión Biológica de Galicia
PhD position in plant-microbial interactions
Postdoctoral researcher in plant-microbial interactions
PhD Endophyte application to manage the crop microbiome for climate resilient and Anthropocene-alligned farming
Postdoctoral and research assistant positions in fungal functional genomics and evolution, Hungary
Graduate position: Univ. Copenhagen, Insect Pathogenic Fungi
Plant Health Summer Studentships 2020 at RHS
Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Research Assistant or Research Fellow in Food Mycology, Cranfield University
PhD Understanding the link between metabolism and behaviour in plant growth-promoting bacteria
PhD How does the plant decode self- and non-self-signals to balance immune response and growth?
Collection Manager-Mycology/Lichenology, Milwaukee Public Museum
Kew Research Fellow - Plant Health
PhD Microbe-microbe warfare in the phyllosphere, University of Birmingham
PhD tree microbiomes in a changing climate, University of Birmingham
Post doctoral position in molecular biology and applied bioinformatics potato early blight
Two postdoctoral in plant and soil microbiome research: Hungary
PhD Position in Plant-Microbe Interaction and Cell Biology
Research Assistant or Research Fellow in Food Mycology
PhD A helping hand: signal transduction in plant immunit