MPI-Virology & Phytoplasmology Senior Scientist two-year internationally funded diagnostics project

MPI-Virology & Phytoplasmology team are looking for a Senior Scientist to work on a two-year internationally funded diagnostics project.

The Ministry for Primary Industries' (MPI) Plant Health and Environment Laboratory (PHEL) in Auckland, New Zealand has a 24 month fixed-term vacancy for a Molecular Biologist. You'll work within a Gates Foundation Phase II project - PLANT-Dx in developing CRISPR-based crop pathogen diagnostics aimed at helping farmers in resource deficient areas of the world. The international project, led by researchers at Northwestern University (NU), will develop and validate novel cell-free synthetic biology diagnostic methodologies to address global sustainability challenges. The Auckland-based scientist will validate and optimize these novel methods against in-house gold standard diagnostics both in the laboratory and field, communicating regularly with collaborators in Illinois, Kenya and Uganda.


The Plant Health & Environment Laboratory (PHEL), part of MPI's Diagnostic and Surveillance Services (DSS) of the Biosecurity New Zealand (BNZ), is based in New Zealand's largest city. Auckland enjoys a subtropical temperate climate located on the beautiful Hauraki gulf surrounded by islands, sandy beaches, and spectacular coastline. It is frequently ranked as one of the world's most liveable cities. Its peoples are diverse, having the largest Polynesian population anywhere in the world.


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Note - A US based research position for the same project based at Northwestern University is advertised here…