Offre de post doctorat en Ecologie, INRAE

The grapevine dieback team at the SAVE Unit (INRAE Bordeaux) is hiring a postdoctoral researcher to work on a newly funded project to explore the incidence of grapevine dieback worldwide and to study the role of climatic factors in the development of a grapevine trunk disease (esca). The project leverages existing dataset of disease monitoring in the vineyard over years and existing collaborations to gather data at a global scale. Grapevine dieback will be studied as a process of yield loss and plant mortality likely caused by various abiotic and biotic factors. Our team has interests in grapevine pathology and physiology. We particularly aim to understand the underlying mechanisms of grapevine trunk pathogeneses and to unravel the role of environmental conditions (climate, drought) in disease development and plant mortality.