The SEF updated the book ‘Plant Pathogens Described in Spain’, first edited in 1998. In this Second Edition, updated to 2005, a substantially higher number of records are included: the number of viruses has increased from 63 in the first edition to 103, viroids from 12 to 37, bacteria from 30 to 50, mollicutes from 7 to 8, fungi from 271 to 412 and nematodes from 35 to 48.

Dr Montesinos, presidente de la SEF (2004-2008)
Note from editors

This book was the result of the joint effort of a number of SEF members who participated as editors, advisors or collaborators.

The pathogens are recorded in sheets of one page each with the following data:

· Title
· Description
· Transmission
· Synonyms (if any)
· Hosts
· Geographical distribution
· Taxonomy
· Symptoms
· References

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