Special issue biocontrol using beneficial fungi and bacteria European Journal of Plan Pathology

Sun, 10/02/2022 - 11:03

Eco-friendly plant pathogen control methods are promising alternatives to synthetic pesticides. With many countries moving towards more eco-friendly agriculture, biocontrol is becoming a key topic in plant pathology research.

This Special Issue will bring together a collection of reviews and research papers on fundamental and applied aspects of biocontrol by beneficial fungi and bacteria. The special issue will start with a series of invited reviews, followed by research papers.

Currently commissioned reviews: Biocontrol by beneficial fungi and bacteria, an overview (Dr. Adriana Torres), Mycoparasitism (Prof. Irina Druzhinina), Competition (Dr. Sabrina Sarrocco), Plant mediated anti-fungal action (Prof. David Collinge), Suppression of soil-borne pathogens by saprotrophic fungi (Prof. Christel Baum), biocontrol strategies for FHB (Dr Juan Palazzini), Control of root-knot nematodes with fungi and bacteria (Prof. Ioannis Giannakou), endophyte control of clubroot’ (Prof. Jutta Ludwig-Mueller), Biocontrol and mycotoxins in cereals (Prof. Sofía Chulze), biocontrol with Actinomyces (Dr Carol Verheecke-Vaessen).

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