PhD Quantitative Plant Pathology
Postdoctoral Position in Network Evolution of Plant Biotic Interactions
Assistant Cooperative Extension Educator
Interdisciplinary Supervisory Research Plant Pathologist/Tree Physiologist/Tree Geneticist
Research Scientist / Ph.D. student JKI
Tanentzap Group: Exploring the role of fungi in mediating crop-weed interactions
Postdoctoral Scholar in Plant Biology University of California, Riverside
Postdoctoral Research Scholar, NCSU
Postdoc Associate, Nebraska
Early Stage Research position on socio-economic impacts of emerging agricultural risks
PhD Position in Plant Pathology and Genetics, INRA, Montpellier University, France
PhD How does a pathogen hijack the host’s cell-to-cell communication system?
PhD Genome evolution of a pandemic lineage of the wheat blast pathogen
Postgraduate Opportunities JIC
IRTA is recruiting a #PhD student for the project "Sustainable practices for pest control in fruit orchards (#SUSFRUIT)"
Internship proposal 2021 Maintaining plant immunity to pathogens in water stress conditions
Using mathematical modelling to curtail the threat of wheat stem rust in the UK
MSCA-COFUND project AGenT (Agricultural Genomics Transversal) postdoctoral programme
Technicien Biologie moléculaire BAC+2
PhD Identifying and exploiting the novel sources of genetic resistance for root diseases of pea
Oferta tema de investigación para la convocatoria de contratos predoctorales para la formación de doctores 2020
Oferta para selección de Doctor en Fitopatología Vegetal ANOVE
15 fully funded PhD positions molecular microbiology, ecology, computational and evolutionary biology, environmental geosciences
Science Leader in Plant Health Surveillance and Plant Health Diagnostics
PhD training program in Quantitative Plant Pathology
Convocatoria para la constitución de bolsas de empleo temporal para personal técnico de investigación IVIA
Two Tenure Track Assistant Professor Positions in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
Head of Tree Health
PhD positions at CRAG
Plant Pathology Research Associate
Research Fellow (Fixed Term)
Post Doctorate Researcher in Light Sheet Microscopy, James Hutton Institute
Endowed Chair in Bacterial Diseases of Tree Fruits, WSU
PhD student, Biology – Plant Pathology, SLU
Post-doc 'Receptor Biology and Immune Signalling', WUR
Post-doctoral position to identify resistance against Asian Soybean Rust, TSL
PostDoc Plant-microbe interactions and Gene editing, UC Davis
Faculty Research Assistant, Oregon State University
Postdoctoral Position in Network Evolution of Plant Biotic Interactions, UC Davis
Discovery Biology Disease Control Technical Lead, Syngenta