Agronomy MDPI Special Issue "Integrated Pest and Disease Management of Mushrooms and Vegetable Crops"

Lun, 07/09/2020

This Special Issue will offer comprehensive coverage of the general principles and advances to fight pests and diseases in mushrooms and horticultural crops of commercial relevance. We kindly invite authors to submit a review article, an original research article, or a short communication on topics related to the incidence, identification and pathogenicity of novel agricultural pests, diseases and mechanisms of parasitic action, including molecular tools, pest and disease ecology and measurements of control, monitoring the impact of pest and disease resistance to classic pesticides, and the implementation of integrated pest and disease management programs with the inclusion of biocontrol strategies, in addition to breeding programs for new crop varieties resistant to targeted diseases and pests.

Guest Editors:

Dr. Jaime Carrasco
Dr. Francisco J. Gea

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