Journal of Fungi Special Issue "Plant-Pathogenic Fusarium Species"

Lun, 03/04/2023

The Journal of Fungi Special Issue entitled “Plant-Pathogenic Fusarium Species” aims to highlight current research on all aspects of Fusarium biology. Experts from the fields of plant pathology, genetics, chemistry, molecular biology, and toxicology are invited to contribute their newest findings in the form of research articles, short communications, or focused reviews to increase existing knowledge on this important group of fungi.

Fusarium species are potent mycotoxin producers, which makes them one of the most devastating and dangerous plant pathogens worldwide. The most harmful groups, trichothecenes, fumonisins, and zearalenones, are a threat to the health of mammals and often show phytotoxic and antimicrobial activities.

Mycotoxin profiling is also helpful in distinguishing closely related species, but molecular tools are even more powerful in species identification and phylogeny, as the great diversity of the Fusarium genus forces scientists to continuously revise previously described taxons. All studies on these aspects are welcome to this Special Issue.

Prof. Dr. Łukasz Stępień
Prof. Dr. Daniel Palmero Llamas
Guest Editors


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