Special Issue The Use of Genomic Technologies in the Biocontrol of Fungal Diseases in Crops

Jue, 06/05/2021

Special Issue "The Use of Genomic Technologies in the Biocontrol of Fungal Diseases in Crops"

Fungal plant pathogens are one of the major constraints of crop production worldwide. It has been demonstrated that conventional agriculture could overcome this challenge using agrochemicals. However, the indiscriminate use of these compounds can produce negative impacts on the environment, on human health, and on food security. In the past few years, biological control strategies have arisen as relevant tools to control fungal diseases. Importantly, in the last two decades, novel technological advances in plant breeding programs have provided a better understanding of environmentally friendly treatments to control fungal phytopathogens. Within that technological boom, the use of genomic technologies has offered, thus far, the most comprehensive approach to unravel the molecular mechanisms of plant pathogens and biological control agents. This Special Issue is focused on the use of genomic technologies, including genetics, comparative and functional genomics, microbiome, and metagenomic analysis, in the improvement of biocontrol of fungal diseases in crops.

Guest Editors:

Dr. José Antonio Gutiérrez Barranquero

Dr. George W. Sundin

Dr. Lucas William Mendes

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 20 November 2021